Top Civil Service Excellence Centre


The Top Civil Service Excellence Centre is a structural unit of the Government Office that is responsible for the recruitment, selection and development of top executives in civil service.

The Centre is responsible for the selection of top executives in civil service, including the development of recruitment and selection policies and methods. The Centre assists the selection board in their activities.

The Centre also organises the development and improvement as well as performance assessment of top executives; manages and develops the e-Competency Centre; analyses the development needs of top executives; advises top executives on their development and provides the necessary activities.

The Centre cooperates with the authorities of other countries responsible for the development of top executives in civil service and participates in the work of the relevant European and international networks.


Eve Limbach-Pirn


Eve Limbach-Pirn

Head of the Centre

 Tel: +372 693 5452


Külli Toomet-Björck


Külli Toomet-Björck


 Tel: +372 693 5456


Monika Tamla


 Tel: +372 693 5457


Terje Veide


Terje Laur


 Tel: +372 693 5458


Kati Valvik


 Tel: +372 693 5460





Last updated: 5 November 2019