Action Plan 2014-2016


The OGP Action Plan for 2014-2016 (889.58 KB) entails activities of the Estonian Government in three priority areas: promoting public engagement in the process of public policymaking, transparency of budgeting and development of public services. 



Preparation of the Action Plan 2014–2016



The Open Government Partnership Action Plan 2014–2016 was developed in line with the time schedule and inclusion plan developed by the Government Office.

  • 17 April 2014

    First meeting of the chancellors of the ministries involved in open government and non-governmental partners to set the priorities of the Action Plan (click here to read about the meeting)
  • 21 - 29 April

    Meetings of the Government Office with the ministries, NGOs and representatives of the private sector involved in the three priority areas defined on 17 April, in order to map the expectations and actions related to the OGP.
    The Open Government Action Plan focuses on public services, engagement and transparency, 28 April 2014
  • 30 April

    Second meeting of chancellors and non-governmental partners to decide on which mapped actions should be included in the Action Plan.
    Submission of the objectives, development process and time schedule of the Action Plan to the OGP Support Unit. Read here (397.11 KB)
  • 5 May - 26 May

    Approval of the draft Action Plan by ministries and non-governmental partners. 
    Public consultations on the Action Plan on the website Read more
  • 22 May

    Open Government Partnership roundtable discussion of the Action Plan 
  • 28 May

    Third meeting of ministry chancellors and non-governmental partners to discuss the received comments and proposals and to submit the Action Plan to the Government.

  • 4 June

    Submission of the Action Plan along with a proposal for the establishment of a national coordinating body for the OGP to the Government of the Republic.
  • 6 June

    Open Government awareness day with the Prime Minister
  • 12 June

  • 15 June

    Publication of the Action Plan approved by the Government on the website of the OGP
  • 13-20 June

    Collecting feedback on the preparation of the Action Plan


Last updated: 2 December 2016