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E-Estonia Council

E-Estonia Council directs the development of Estonian digital society and e-governance, especially the implementation of national digital agenda

Five experts and ICT sector representatives and three ministers are members of the Council. It is chaired by Prime Minister. Other government institutions and experts are involved in the work upon need.

The Council can also set up expert committees and working groups or commission studies in the field of ICT Policy.

The work of E-Estonia Council is organized by Strategy Unit of Government Office.

Members of E-Estonia Council

  • Chairman: Prime Minister
  • Vice-Chairman: Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure
  • Minister of Entrepreneurship
  • Minister of Education and Research
  • Minister of Public Administration
  • President of Estonian Association of IT and Telecommunications Anneli Heinsoo
  • Annika Uudelepp
  • Linnar Viik
  • Taavet Hinrikus
  • Taavi Kotka



Tasks of E-Estonia Council

  • Directs the implementation of Estonian digital agenda, including: initiates and gives opinion on agenda review proposals, approves the action plan for the agenda and the progress repots of its implementation, gives opinion on proposals to evaluate agenda implementation and the evaluation results, guides collaboration between government institutions and sectors;
  • forms and gives opinions in matters related to digital society development in Estonia, elsewhere in Europe and world, including as input for Estonian positions in European Union and other international organizations;
  • makes proposals for preparing of policy documents to steer the development of digital society, reviews and gives opinion on relevant draft proposals;
  • acts as sectoral monitoring committee for European Union Structural Funds measures in ICT policy field.





Marten Kaevats

Strategy Unit´s Adviser



 Phone: +372 693 5624


Last updated: 25 April 2018