Hall of the Elders of State

The Hall of the Elders of State. Photo: Government Office

The Hall of the Elders of State took its name from the portraits displayed there.

The wall to the side of the Sessions Hall displays portraits of Konstantin Päts, Jaan Tõnisson, Jüri Uluots and Kaarel Eenpalu, painted by professor Enn Põldroos. On the opposite wall, there are portraits of Otto August Strandman, August Rei, Friedrich Karl Akel and Jaan Teemant, painted by professor Tiit Pääsuke.

The furnishings in this room with wheat-coloured walls are modern two-part white leather design settees and armchairs by "Witman" from Austria, accompanied by a settee and armchairs in Louis XVI style with golden yellow covers and gilded ornamentation, as well as a round table with a marble table top. The interior design is based on the principle of modern design solutions being accentuated by a few historic details.




Last updated: 19 January 2015