Government Session Hall


The western wing of the main building accommodates the largest room in the building where the Government of the Republic holds its weekly session every Thursday, using the electronic session system.


The session hall is the only room in the building where the dentil cornice bordering the cavetto vault has been restored. The three modernised chandeliers are by Peeter Tambu.
In 2007, the angular oak table was replaced with an oval one. New interior design was made by Vaikla Disain (Argo Vaikla, Katrin Vaikla, Liis Tarbe). The table was constructed by Estonian company Powerdesk Baltic OÜ.

Government Session Hall and the Grand National Coat of Arms. Photos: Raigo Pajula and Government Office



Since the Government of Estonia came to Stenbock House in 2000, it has been using a tool that is officially called the Government Session Information System. Estonia was the first country to employ an e-cabinet system.

Government session

The Government's electronic work saves paper and the environment, as there is no need to make paper copies of the voluminous session materials and transport them to Ministries. 
The e-cabinet system has also significantly increased the efficiency of the Government's work. Government Sessions before the e-Cabinet System may have lasted 4-5 hours, today the usual session length is 20-30 minutes.

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Last updated: 10 July 2017