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Secretary of State

Taimar Peterkop


Mr Taimar Peterkop has been the Secretary of State since 10 December 2018.

Since May 2015, Taimar Peterkop was in charge of the Estonian Information System Authority.

During the period 2000–2001, Peterkop worked as a lawyer at the Government Office and from 2001–2008, at the Ministry of Defence, the first four years of which was spent in the Legal Department as Head of the Office of International Law, and the last three years as Head of the Operations and Crisis Management Department.

2008–2010 Peterkop served as Defence Counsellor at the Estonian Embassy in Washington, D.C. After that, he was the Deputy Secretary General for Legal and Administrative Affairs of the Ministry of Defence.

Taimar Peterkop is a graduate of the University of Tartu School of Law and the United States Army War College, and holds a Master’s level degree in Strategic Management.

He was born in Tallinn, on 20 January 1977.

Taimar Peterkop. Photo: Renee Altrov


Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is appointed and released from office by the Prime Minister. Only a person with a higher education in law may serve as Secretary of State.


  • The Secretary of State is in charge of organising the work of the Government of the Republic and heads the Government OfficeAs the head of the Government Office, the Secretary of State has the same rights as those granted to ministers as heads of their respective ministries.
  • The Secretary of State prepares the agenda for each government sitting and takes part in sittings with the right to speak. 
  • The Secretary of State ensures that the draft legal acts of the Government of the Republic are in conformity with the Constitution and other legislation, and co-signs all government regulations and orders as well as the minutes of government sittings.
  • The Secretary of State heads the work of the Selection Board of Top Executives in the civil service and gives its opinion on appointment and release from office of secretary generals of ministries. 
  • The Secretary of State is the keeper of the state seal and keeps records on use of the seal.

Previous Secretaries of State


Heiki Loot 2003-2018

Aino Lepik von Wirén 1999-2003

Uno Veering 1995–1999

Ülo Kaevats 1992–1995

Katrin Nyman-Metcalf 1990–1992

Arved Ruusa 1971–1990

Heinrich Mark 1953–1971

Artur Mägi 1945–1949

Helmut Maandi 1944–1945 and 1949–1953

Karl Johannes Terras 1920–1940

Theodor Andreas Käärik 1918–1919


The Government Office

  • supports the planning of the government’s work, prepares the government’s programme and coordinates its implementation
  • prepares and organizes government sittings and cabinet meetings

  • ensures that the government’s draft legal acts are constitutional and in conform to other legislation
  • coordinates the shaping of Estonia’s positions and advises and supports the Prime Minister in European Union affairs
  • organises public relations for the government and the Prime Minister and internal public relations work related to the European Union
  • advises the Prime Minister on national security, organises the work of the Government Security Committee and manages the coordination of national securtity and defence management
  • advises and supports the Prime Minister in directing the work of the Research and Development Council
  • organises recruitment, selection and development of top-level public servants

  • organises matters related to state and local government insignia and performs other obligations imposed on it by legislation and other legal acts

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Last updated: 13 December 2018